Headquartered in Colorado, U.S., JOROTO boasts a history of over three decades, and is now a dedicated supplier of sports fitness equipment in the U.S. Currently, JOROTO has subsidiaries in US, UK, France, Australia, China and so on, with over 2,000 chain stores and its products well sold in more than 150 countries and regions throughout the world.

34 Years’ history makes the legend of running

The first JOROTO treadmill came into being on October 20th, 1982 in Colorado, the US, which marks the beginning of a legendary journey of JOROTO fitness equipment. In JOROTO, we are dedicated to the researches on fitness equipment with the highest quality and conforming to ergonomics. Once you’ve got your own JOROTO equipment, the rhyme and harmony contained in it will become a part of your body. Your JOROTO and your precious moments of life will become a part of our brand.

Global Perspective Quality Sharing 

The long history of JOROTO is like a book with splendid contents. Over the decades, we’ve been taking heritage and innovation as our spirit, technology, and quality as our pursuit, in an effort to give an accurate explanation to sports aesthetics.

Presently, JOROTO has become a large dedicated supplier of sports fitness equipment in the U.S., with subsidiaries in US, UK, France, Italy, Australia and other places around the world and its products well sold in over 2,000 chain stores globally.

In 2014, JOROTO officially entered into Mainland China with elaborate products and international health concepts to share with Chinese metropolitan elites and share healthy life with average Chinese people.

The ingenuity of this Noisy World   Most Comfortable Experience of Running 

JOROTO enjoys global reputation and is the industry model of advanced fitness equipment. These masterpieces produced from JOROTO sports factory achieve their value not only from the most environmental raw materials and the most exquisite technologies of the world but from the unique designs of their own which embody the special brand style of JOROTO. JOROTO is good at drawing inspiration from details of sports and always tries to make every piece of its equipment the fittest for sports activities, so JOROTO can bring you the most comfortable experience of running!