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Product Reviews

The bike arrived so quick. It's so easy to be assembled than I expected, I only spent 30min to finish assembling according to the instruction. I like riding, but the Gym is far away from my apartment and the outside is so cold in winter. It's almost the same as that I ride in Gym, you know, the price is so attractive and of good quality. I can move the bike to anywhere because of the two wheels in the front holder.


I bought this one for one of my best friends in LA,who loves workout very much.
He is so excited that you would like to share some info on it.
1.It is not that difficult to assembly it.Though it is pretty heavy, it's sturdy!
2.It is quiet when you ride on it and feel that.
3.It comes with a digital displayer, and a stand for your 10-inch ipad(excluded).
Here is a video from my friend:)


I made this purchase because I need to lose some weight. I was a huge fan of spinning years ago and wanted to get back into it but not at the gym due to hectic schedule. I have been using the bike for two weeks and here are my thoughts:
Big tablet stand, very convenient to put your iPad
Sturdy, solid construction
Easy assemble, although I spent 30 mins to set it up without help. And I can easily move it to anywhere I like to spin.
Overall totally happy with the purchase as of now and would recommend this bike to others. 


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