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Crank and pedal for bikes
Crank and pedal for bikes
Crank and pedal for bikes
Crank and pedal for bikes

Crank and pedal for bikes


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These are the crank and pedal; Come with tools (crank puller and a wrench)

If the original pedal on the bike is not the same one in the photo, please leave a comment when placing order with the bike serial number, so we can send you the correct pedal.

2 shipping methods for your choice:

  • Shipped via China post, it may take 30-50 days in this special time.
  • Shipped via DHL or FedEx, it may take 5-7 days to delivery.

Below is the replace video and some important tips for your reference:

If you order the crank with a pedal, When you receive the parcel, the pedal is assembled with the crank, please don't take it off, just assemble them directly with the bike.

Tips for Disassembly:

  1. please take the other side of the crank puller off
  2. then use the other side of the wrench ( Plum wrench), the plum wrench will be more suitable
  3. how to use the crank puller:
  4. if the inner bolt/nut can't be loosened, please let the bike lean a little and apply oil to the nut, then keep it overnight. Ordinary liquid oils are fine, such as vegetable or olive oil.

Tips for Assembly:

  1. This is a video of how to assemble the pedal:
  2. When installing the pedal, please be sure that the left pedal is screwed in anti-clockwise while the right pedal in clockwise.
  3. Please screw in by hand more than 3 circles before using the tool. Do not use tools to forcibly screw in, otherwise, the thread is easily broken.
  4. After screwing in by hand, please remember to tight it fully by tools.